Once upon a time two little girls were best friends. They were cheerleaders together at Pop Warner Mighty Mights Team. Then one day Avery's father and DaMiah's mother started dating each other. Eighteen months later they got married. Their mom and dad bought scripture necklaces for the girls and for Avery's brother Brett. they had a special marriage ceremony to remind them that they are a united family. Now they are sisters and best friends.

At the end of the marriage ceremony their parents were pronounced husband and wife and kissed each other. The new couple jumped over a broom, and then the three children held hands together and jumped over the broom.

This story is written by Avery Rose Burnell and Mauri Gandy.

Live By Faith ~ Matthew 17:20
Jesus Chief Cornerstone ~ Ephesians 2:20


DaMiah Brett

Photography by :  Jamie Gandy

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